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history of dara singh

Dara Singh, King Kong, Flash Gordon
Many did not believe the names of the top wrestlers that I had given in a previous post. Some associated King Kong with a gorilla which was in a film that appeared much later than the actual history of this giant in the wrestling ring.There was much interest in the three top wrestlers of the 1950's. I have located some data on the internet.It is important to mention the referee who used to be in the ring with these wrestlers. His name was Wong Bok Lee. Some believe he is the same as Wong Bok Chong, but I had not heard this as I remember him clearly as Lee. He used the Flying Drop Kick to control wrestlers in the ring if they did not listen to him.One of the most exciting fights I saw, the lighter Dara Singh lifted the almost 200 kg King Kong over his head and was twirling him round and round. King Kong was yelling at the referee that this was not in the rules. When the referee tried to come and stop this Dara Singh virtually threw King Kong out of the ring and he fell just a few feet from us. Was he mad. he jumped up, rushed into the ring and tried to attack the referee - who drop-kicked him out of the ring!! Wrestler: Dasho Dara Singh
Real Name: Dara Singh Randhawa
Hometown: Village Dharmuchak, Distt. Amritsar (Punjab)
Marital Status: Surjit Kaur Randhawa (1961)
Height & Weight: 188 cm (6' 2") and over 130 kg
Debut: 1951 Finishing Move: Body slamFavorite
Moves: Overhead whirlNotable Feuds: Professional Indian Wrestling Championship in 1953, Commonwealth Wrestling Championship in 1959 by defeating Canadian Champion “Flash Gordon” George Godianko World Wrestling Championship in 1968 by defeating Lou Theze of America;
Birthday: 19 November 1928

Wrestler: "King Kong"
Real name: Emile Czaja (pronounced shya)
Hometown: Sydney Australia
Marital Status: Married to Ellie (1956)
Height & Weight: 183 cm (6') - over 182 kg (400lbs)
Debut: 1937 in India Gimmicks: Brute behaviour, Evil man, ... Notable Feuds: Dara Singh, "Sheik" Wadi Ayoub Died: 1970 (Car crash)

Wrestler: Flash Gordon" (also known as Wonder Boy, Firpo Zyzbsko)
Flash Gordon was in several battles with King Kong and Dara Singh
Real name: George Gordienko
Hometown: Winnipeg, Canada
Height and weight: Over 182 cm (6') and over 130 kg
Famous for: Flying drop kick, even when being held by opponent!
Notable fueds: Dara Singh, Bhu Pinder
Born: 1904Died: 1974 (Melonama cancer)
We used to go outside the hotels where they use to live just to see the food being served to these enormous men, who, to us small kids, looked like giants. King Kong used to swallow chickens by the dozens. Dara Singh used to eat an enormous number of chapatis. The myths that were told us by the press agents made them seem to be invincible men, so to see them fighting in the ring was like watching two invincibles trying to destroy each other.Of course, we did not know, then, that the fights were all fixed!

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